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 Akaal Akhand Jyoti - The Light of Almighty - Lighting up till Eternity 

The creator the Almighty is formless and timeless. The creator is the light of Almighty and our soul light have seperated from the light of Almighty and which is our origin and our destination also.


According to science, the pure ghee (clarified butter) Jyoti (flame or light) kills the germs in the air around the jyoti, purifies the air, and is called sacred light.


Symbolically, just as light dispels darkness, knowledge dispels ignorance. We light the lamp to signify the triumph of knowledge and goodness over ignorance and evil.


When the ghee Jyoti is lit, its vast sattvic energy consistently spreads outward depending on the time of its burning, and when it combines with the soul energy of a person, it creates the power of intention. Success is achieved with the power of intention, also called strong determination.


Through the power of intention, we are able to invite positive energy; thus, the Jyoti does the good deeds and brings energies of auspiciousness, positiveness, consciousness, health, wealth, prosperity, and spiritualism into our lives.


It also destroys our inner enemies, namely desire, anger, greed, attachment, ego, and jealousy, and it also awakens our dormant consciousness. If we focus on the darkness and try to remove it from a room, it cannot be removed. The moment we bring in a light, the darkness dissipates.


Similarly, we cannot eliminate our negative energies by focusing on them, but by focusing on sacred light and inviting positive energies using the power of intention, the negative energies are dispelled and positive energy increases their level.


It is the power of intention that fulfills all our needs, whether for money, relationships, spiritual awakening, or love. The power of intention generates all activity in the universe. Everything we can see—and even the things we cannot see—are manifestations of the infinite organizing power of intention. "Your direction, not your intention, determines your destination".


Where focus goes, energy flows. Where energy flows, whatever you are focusing on grows. Whenever you have focus, you have energy, and whenever you have energy, you have growth.


If you focus on darkness, darkness will grow in your life, and if you focus on light, light will grow in your life. You control your life by what you focus on, so you need to concentrate on what you want or where you want to go, not what you fear. It is your focus that determines who you are, so don't let your fear determine your destiny; let your fearlessness determine your destiny.


Having encountered a sheep that turned out to be a fox, people become afraid of fear as a result of such averse incidents, and without taking any action and standing at a distance, they assume that all sheep, goats, deer, jackals, etc., are foxes, and they cannot take any action in that direction, resulting in a fear of fear as well as being victims of negative energy.


Being afraid is not bad, but being afraid of fear is bad, so never be afraid of fear. By doing this, you will not be able to take any action in that direction, and you will not succeed in life. People should be adventurous rather than afraid of fear; otherwise, they will remain average and keep struggling for the rest of their lives. There is no match between fearless and fearful, but fearlessness must be active because, in the absence of fearlessness, fear will be automatic.


Stones have dormant consciousness, vegetation has 25% waking consciousness, animals have 50% consciousness, and humans have 100% consciousness; however, most humans have dormant, 25%, or 50%  waking consciousness, and only about 2% of the world's population has 100% waking consciousness. The dormant consciousness is ignorance, whereas the waking consciousness is knowledge, knowing what we are doing and what the consequences of our actions will be. Living in full waking consciousness would revitalize everyone and make the world a better place.

There is no match between darkness and light, but light must be active because, in the absence of light, darkness is automatic. There is no match between dormant consciousness and waking consciousness, but waking consciousness must be active because, in the absence of waking consciousness, dormant consciousness is automatic. A life lived with dormant consciousness is a life of self-deception. The cause of sorrow is ignorance (dromant consciousness) and the solution is knowledge (waking consciousness).


The law of sowing and reaping says you reap more than what you have sown. seeds to be sown carefully so they grow, become trees, and produce fruit. Double check your seed before planting it, as it grows into a tree and bears fruit, and sow only that seed that you want to have. It's time to wake up and live your life with waking consciousness in order to rejuvenate yourself. Medical treatment is availble for temporary solution it is not healing the root cause. What is the root cause of disease people are far away from this fact and the root cause is living a life with dormant consciousness.



People light up pure ghee akhand jyoti for a few days to burn negativity, but a few days after that, negativity rules us. Gradually the culture of lighting the Akhand Jyoti (uninterrupted Light) is decreasing and if no steps are taken in this direction it will disappear soon. People have started using these electric powered LED jyoti (lamp) and electric powered lamp has no match with pure ghee powered lamp. In our life and also in our past births we have extablished relations of brother, sister, husaband, wife, father, mother and friend etc but we hae not established relatonship with the almighty with the light of Alimghty.


Technology is providing us more comfort and this comfort has its side effects. It is reducing our strength, efficiency and making us addicted to use technology and thus promoting a culture of technology dependency. Imagine what would be your output with 15 to 20% efficiency, you will never be able to get 100% output. Imagine what will be your output with 15 to 20% efficiency, you will never be able to achieve 100% output and you will be keep struggling for the rest of your life.


With a view to providing a source of positive energy and a source of waking consciousness for a longer period of time till eternity, Mother India Care is going to launch "Akaal Akhand Jyoti," lighting up 24/7 till eternity. The sacred light will be lit with pure ghee, which will illuminate the atmosphere in a consistent and pleasant manner till eternity.


"Akaal" means timeless, the Almighty the creator is beyond the limit of time and all the creations of the creator is limited by time. "Akhand" means uninterrupted and continuous. This the light is named as "Akaal Akhand Jyoti" - Timeless Uninterupted Light. . When we light up a lamp with pure "ghee" (clarified butter) that light emerges from the Almighty and when we turn off that light it merges back with the Almighty. The lighting up sources can be many but origin and destination is only and only one. The source of exit from the light of Almighty is a word and the source of entry to the the light of Almighty is a word. With the epeated chanting of a word we can gain the entry to our origin.


The Akaal Akhand Jyoti will remind you to use your third eye (mindsight) before and during any task. 100% of your waking consciousness is your third eye (mindsight). Let us recharge with positive energy to rule negative energy, because for so long negative energy has ruled us. Let us recharge with waking consciousness to rule dormant consciousness, because for so long dormant consciousness has ruled us. Wake up and join the conscious community club.


When the flame (Jyoti) of pure ghee is lit, then this flame becomes a sacred light and also a means of divine blessings. It keeps the environment pure, and the purpose for which it is lit is also fulfilled. So this light will be placed in a specially designed place. It will be taken from time to time across the country and across the world in a special van to spread the power of positivity, the power of consciousness awakening, the power of spiritual awakening, the power of prosperity, and the power of rejuvenation.


Following the simple procedure after Akaal Akhand Jyoti Darshan, the devotees can feel the aura of this holy light and also see the holy light moving in the air near their eyes at their own places as well. That is the uniqueness of this sacred light.


Mother India Care has planned to light up Akaal Akhand Jyoti (Almighty Uninterrupted Light) on November 26th, 2023, through a special ceremonial event in Bangalore, and it will be lit up until eternity, reminding all minds around the world that they must live a life of waking consciousness. It will also be a source of beneficial energy for the world, awakening consciousness and rejuvenating people.

This Akal Akhand Jyoti, the light of Almighty, will put a stop to the everyday unintentional and intentional suicides committed by people all across the world for a variety of causes, as well as heart attacks. It will continue to inspire people all around the world to keep their waking consciousness button always on  Let us rule negative energy by recharging positive energy because negative energy has ruled us for so long..

May You, the light of Almighty, guide me on the right path, on the path of those who have reached the ultimate goal and please help me to reach it.

Click here to know about ceremonial event scheduled for 26th Nov 2023.

 Grand Event Venue Set up - Constitution Day - Foundation Day - Rejuvenation Day - Felicitation Day 

 Akaal Akhand Jyoti - Lighting Up ceremony - Scheduled for 26th Nov 2023 at Bangalore 
 Akaal Akhand Jyoti - Special Van 

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