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Please do not pay any money to any unauthorized person or our authorized person for getting a job at Mother India Care, we can not be held responsible for such dealing.

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Road Safety Academy

Action & Prevention


 7Pillars Road Safety Training Program & Module 

Road Safety Training Program - Closed Room 


The plant does not become fruitful by spraying water on the leaves, for that water has to be supplied to the roots of the plant. 7th sense does not become fruitful by spraying wisdom on the superficial intelligence, for that the wisdom has to be supplied to the inner intelligence. Conventional training modules all over the world are supplying knowledge to superficial intelligence level and hence the current situation of road accident deaths is increasing. But Our training module is empowering 7th sense.

Mother India Care has developed a research based road users (pedestrian / cyclist /  motorcyclist / driver) comprehensive training course / program as a sustainable solution to improve road safety. The road safety training program comprises of closed room oration session, practical session and engagement session, with the display of slides and video including Multimedia Presentations. 7 Pillars Road Safety Training Module comprises of our scientifically proven super special mechanisms and these are mentioned here below. 

7 Pillars Road Safety Training Module (Training Package & Deliverables)


Induction - National Family of Mother India Care

Adoption of Preamble of Road Safety Constitution

Yoga Sadhna


Road Safety Gibma Kriya

(Strengthening 6th Sense & 7th Sense - Superconsciousness & Intuitiveness )*****

Supplying the Positive evolutionary psychology superscript to inner intelligence 

Taking efforts to its melting point

Burning Kriya (Destruction )

Neutrality Kriya (Neutralisation)

Sowing Kriya ( Installation)

Caring Kriya (Integration)

Fortune & Legacy Care Kit (For Safe Road Journeys)

Road Traffic Rules / Laws

Road Traffic Rules / laws.

Road Traffic Offences & Fines

Road  traffic signs and road marking


Sharing the Road
Road Sharing with fellow road users

Courtesy & Manners
Road Rage Avoidance


Road Crash Prevention Training

Mind Management , Physical fitness & Health Tips

Accepting deficiencies to improve efficiencies 
Essential Time Management Hacks

Diverse road user behavior and deferred gratification 

Defensive driving Tips

Braking in emergency and anti-skid braking

Preventive maintenance.

Appropriate speed and following proper distance.

Factors influencing driving – stress, alcohol, drugs & mobile phone use.

Driving under difficult and potentially dangerous conditions – weather, terrain, traffic, visibility.

Hazard perception and how to handle others mistakes

Intersection approach, overtaking, and moving in lane

Use of vehicle reflective stickers

Driving / Riding posture
Riding Gears (Essential Safety equipments, helmet,  shoes, jackets & reflective sash / band)  


Child restraint system


Post Crash Care Training

First aid care tips (on crash spot)

SOS Call For Ambulance

Way to Hospital care


Metal Body & Human Body Care Advice

Vehicle Maintenance Tips

Health Care Tips

Vehicle Insurance

Accident Cover

Breakdown Assistance Cover


Monitoring, Rewarding, Assessment & Certification
Introspection twice a year

Road users assessments

Road Users Score Check

Impact Analysis 


Essentials - on extra cost

1. Fortune & Legacy Care Kit

2. Wisdom Game

3. Wisdom Reminders Stickers

4. Reflective Band

5. Reflective Sticker

6. Road Sign Chart

7. Wisdom Water Bottle
8.  First Aid Kit 



***** Mother India Care is the only organization in the world which is empowering the 7th sense with a special mechanism called Gibma Kriya, which has been scientifically verified by Global Wisdom  Research as one of the most important and effective essentials of road safety.

 Motivation & Engagements 

Safe Road User & Excellence Award*

Fortune & Legacy Healer Excellence Award

Gift Vouchers **

Annual Membership For SOS Breakdown Assistance ***


* Safe Road User & Excellence Award will be conferred to meritorious and safe road users through special events

** redeemable  coupons 

*** Membrship of SOS fallout

Our Road Safety Care Mobile app on road safety with various features will be launched soon.

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