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Please do not pay any money to any unauthorized person or our authorized person for getting a job at Mother India Care, we can not be held responsible for such dealing.

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 URSWG Guidelines For Advisors 

Road accident deaths is a global issue and deadlier than pandemic and killing many lives every day. It’s important for everyone to understand that the Status Quo of increasing road accident deaths is not inevitable. It’s up to us either to maintain the status quo or to change it. Desire to change mush be stronger than desire to stay same. We have very unsafe future on roads because india is at number one in the world in road accident deaths. People want the result but don’t want to follow the process.


United Road Safety Warrior Group is the National Family of Mother India Care and a driving engine to change the status quo of daily road carnage. URSWG is very important pillar of Decade of Action Plan 2021 to 2030 for national road safety with a common smart goal of zero death and no serious road crash injury in India by 2030. The road safety oath is the main tool of the DAOP Toolkit to change the bad habit of road users and also to prevent accidental suicide on the road.


All for one and one for all, United we stand and divided we fall. Working for a common good is the greatest creed. If you don’t perform, your family will perform for you, you will get the shared incentive and that is the uniqueness of MIC National Family.


Earn monthly income of Rs. 25000/- or more as an individual performance  incentives, plus upto Rs. 5000/- or more as shared incentives from the team performance, and additional cash bonus of upto Rs. 5000/- and more on achieving the target  for performance bonus. The advisors will get recognition, and also host of work opportunities and benefits.


Join URSWG, MIC National Family as road safety advisors integrated team network and build the team and also start inspiring road users to adopt road safety oath. Individuals can join  URSWG, as Road Safety Advisors and build up, advisors network within their 3 level down line team of A, B and C.


1.  Each Advisor  will be allotted a referral code to build a down line and also for the incentive accounting.

2.  Each Advisor must form 10 advisors within their individual downline and are called a Level A Team of 10 advisors (1 x 10 = 10).

3. Referral code given will be used to form Level A Team of 10 advisors.

4. Each advisor on the Level A team must form 10 advisors within their individual down line and are called a Level B Team of 100 advisors (10 x10 = 100).

5. Referral code of  Team A advisors will be used to form Level B Team of 100 advisors but will be integrated with the given referral code.

6.  Each advisor on the Level B Team must form 10 advisors within their individual down line and are called Level C Team of 1000 advisors (100 x 10 = 1000).

7. Referral code of Team B advisors will be used to form Level C Team of 100 advisors, so as to form a multi level down line team.

8. There will be 1110 advisors in each team.


Enrollment process to build an individual downline of all levels are :

9.  Online Advisors Registration can be done by paying a registration fee of Rs. 500/-

10.  Alternately the registration can be done by administering Road Safety Oath Registration (online / offline) to 10 road users under general category by paying Rs. 100/- by the each road user.


Privileges to  Road Safety Advisors
11. Advisor kit (Pin Badge, Id card,) shall be given.
12.  Referral Code for road safety oath registration
13.  Monthly performance incentives on road safety oath registration of individual.
14.  Monthly divided team shared incentives on road safety registration of  team.*

15.  Bonus on achieving monthly target.

Opportunities to Road Safety Advisors
16.  Recognition opportunities – To Earn Fame
17.  Opportunity for Live e-interview session in Pearls of Nation – Earn Fame
18.  Road Safety News Reporting opportunities - To Earn Income.
19.  50% Discount to join Barter Club India as BCI Advisor – To Earn Income.
20.  50% Discount to join ERC Advisor for emergency services. - To Earn Income.
21.  50% Discount to join Eagle Ventures India – EVI Agent - To Earn Income.
22.  Sub agent opportunity for Life and health Insurance products. - To Earn Income.
23.  More opportunities and benefits will be added up


Performance Incentive - Payout
24.  Payout shall be released on 5 of every month
25.  25% on your individual account road Safety oath registration
26.  5% shall be divided and team shared incentives paid to all advisors..


Target for additional incentives as Bonus
27.  5% additional incentives as performance bonus on individual target shall be paid.

Main Activity - Task
28.  Individual advisor account minimum Road Safety Oath (RSO) Registration : 300 nos. per month.

Bonus Eligibility
29.  1000 Nos. RSO - Registration - Individual
30.  10,00,000 RSO - Registration - Team


* Once the team formation is completed and the team is active the shared incentives will be given for one month if you are not able to perform for one month.


** Email your latest photograph to and copy to


*** The advisor kit will be sent in 15 working days. .



Click here to register for URSWG - Advisor

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