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Please do not pay any money to any unauthorized person or our authorized person for getting a job at Mother India Care, we can not be held responsible for such dealing.

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 Current Fundraising Campaign - Drive Safe & Arrive Safe - Road Safety Campaign 

We are promoting Road Safety awarenss campaigns wherein on the basis of daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly, bimonthly, quarterly, half yearly & yearly, we promote activities and special events. We are working as a pressure group for public  awareness campaign to prevent and put an end to a carnage of daily road accident deaths and also to provide emergency services to road accident victims. The causes of accidents can be a driver fault, defective road, defective vehicle, poor visibility in night or natural disaster. Let us put a brake to daily road accident to protect you and the people around you. Prevention is always better than cure, so we are working as a pressure group and educating the public to avoid accident and same time we are collecting defective data to prepare a report and send it to the competent authority. As a precautionary measures we are promoting awareness campaign and as a remedial measure we are having a national project of setting up of chain of accident relief centers ARCs on major highways across India to provide emergency services such as ICU, OT, Ambulance, Garage, rest room, refreshments, oxygen bar, air shower, evacuation center, and also Mobile ARC equipped with state of the art equipments. We are also conducting ARC India Bike rally for two days BLR-Goa-BLR, a navigational tour to create awareness and also to collect defective road data and also to distribute road reflector stickers

We also encourage members of general public to come forward to get the advanced first aid training from our expert and get the certification of Emergency First responders - EFM and help the road accident victims till the arrival of the emergency team. The people who are coming forward to support the road accident victims are called as Good Samaritans, and we are giving the reward and recognition to all such Good Samaritans. We also reward and recognize the donors who donate funds to us for our this project and various other charitable projects.

Donate us and get reward and recognition, and also help us to save lives in daily road accident and make India Proud..!!

Our fund requirement for this campaign :  Rs. 45 Lakh.
Target time                                                : Till year end 2018
Current Fundraising status                       : Rs. 1,85,000.00

Contribute & Feel the Zeal of Giving

*All donations are eligible for tax exemption under section 80G.

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