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Please do not pay any money to any unauthorized person or our authorized person for getting a job at Mother India Care, we can not be held responsible for such dealing.

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 Thrive - The Art of Fortune Making - Unmatched initiative - Don't run after money instead work on yourself - Money will automatically come 

A.  THRIVE-The Art of Fortune Making  is a signature initiative for career advancement certificate course in Master of Connections – MCC through Personality Development & Capacity Building - PDCB National Program. The unmatched initiative wherein one can move from just surviving to thriving by learning and earning in a peer group of 10 members, upgrading their career intelligence, adding value to their resume and building their own 10K connections integrated to "Emergency" national campaign to achieve 360 degree reversal in road accident deaths in India by 2030.


B THRIVE could be an unmatched opportunity in your entire career span of learnings and earnings. It is designed to make you taste the success in any job or business just by excelling in effective connections building (PDCB National Program ) aimed at brain & DNA programming of road users to change their mindset and behavior . Extraordinary thrives with self-improvement, and ordinary survive with extraordinary, even ordinary can thrive with self-improvement.


C. THRIVE  brings out an entrepreneur in you and also being a comprehensive ,fun and a social program you would be helping your peer group member

• To earn and learn

• To heed others need

• To care and give dare

• To THRIVE and not just SURVIVE


D. THRIVE  initiative and this program has transformed various peoples lives financially and skill based ,now its your time - Make your 10 member peer group, learn together & earn together by joining the 2 years national program and enjoy the host of benefits. Difficult tasks are hard to do but easy to live with, easy tasks are easy to do but hard to live with.


FAQ's and income generation sources (active, passive, monthly, annually and bonuses ) mentioned in the "Hunt for Thrive" steps mentioned below and enjoy your wealthy journey. Remember you are just one step away from the life you desire , from being super genius and from ordinary to extra ordinary and life long financial abundance with 10K Magic Tree of Blessings & Money. Your network is your net worth


Do you wish to build your own 10K connections / contact base in your netwrok?

 Hunt For Thrive 

Profit is better than wages, because wages make living and profits make fortune. Don't run after money instead work on yourself to enhance the capacity, money will automatically start reflecting in your attire, in your bank balance. Life is like a boomerang, you get back what you give. Whole world is focusing on personal skill development and skill development, but no one is focusing on community connections development. That is where MIC "THRIVE PLANET" steps in to provide value enhancement opportunity of connection building and Certificate course in Master of Conscious Connections by Personal Development & Capacity Building - PDCB program, making you worthy to have your own 10k connections which will help you to build your own business or add more value to your resume to get a better job and to attract lots of opportunities in your life. Building 10k connections and becoming part of our THRIVE PLANET initiative you will unlock your communication, interpersonal skills and network building talent  which is the dire need in today's senerio & competitive world. You will learn how to use the focus energy at one task to develop fully and same experience you can use in any other work task after the completion of this 10K dare. Many institutes provide personal development certificate course (by charging Rs. 10K to 50K), and diploma in personal development (by charging Rs. 10K to 95K) but no one is providing capacity building of 10K connections opportunity and no one is providing monthly income while you learn during the course time of 2 years (Sum of Rs. 3 Lakh in a year or 2 years paid upto Rs. 30K or more every month on performance basis), and no one is offering life time monthly bonus generated through the repurchasing. This is the Unique and unmatched opportunity for one lakh individuals. The enrollment across the nation is going on and the enrollment window will be closed once the numbers are met





 Thrive - FAQs 
1. What is the concept of Thrive ? 2. What are the learning opportunities under Thrive program? 3. What is the learning process? 4. What is the earning process? 5. What are the common flaws of failure of employees and stratups? 6. What are the surveys you conducted related to career? 7. Why wisdom and wealth seed money ? 8. Why 3% people are extraordinary and 97% people are ordinary? 9. Why can't I build my own connections without joining your Thrive program? 10. What is the advantage of working in a peer group of 10 members? 11. What are the benefits of THRIVE program? 12. How to build 10 members peer group ?

Fill out the below online form  ….. if you wish to know more details about this unmatched opportunity to take the decision.

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 If you want to Thrive in 2022, if you want to set your goals to reach a well-planned destination, if you want to build your own connnections then click on the below link and follow the process to complete. 

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