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 UN Global Road Safety Week 
UN Global Road Safety Week

Mother India Care - MIC , has been promoting and encouraging Road Safety Awareness program through various campaigns, events and initiatives amongst the general mass. The major cause of road crashes are human mistakes, Risky Road Users are more. The majority of the road users (riders/drivers) are being trained by unqualified trainers of driving schools. Thus with the BASIC TRAINING they get the license they purchase the vehicle and start using the road without obtaining the  ROAD SAFETY TRAINING. The behaviour of road users is required to be changed from Risky Road User to Safe Road Users. An informed, trained and assessed road user can be a Safe Road User. MIC has initiated PAN India project for the sustainable solution to improve road safety in India with its 7 Pillars Road Safety Training Module. MIC has launched its National Project - Road Safety is Life Safety and its sub project as "Drive Safe & Arrive Safe" with a goal of ZERO DEATH & NO SERIOUS INJURY IN ROAD CRASH IN INDIA and working as pressure group for road users & civic / competent authorities. MIC is running its nationwide campaigns for assessing road users behaviour, Check Your Road Users Score, maintaining road users scorecard,  and also rating of road infrastructure and administration of road traffic management. The project will also provide message alert to road users of SOS crash risk mapping. MIC is bridging the gap between road users, civic bodies and local administration. MIC is committed for the sustainable solution to road safety with the participation and feedback of all concern. Constant and combined efforts of all road users can cause major impact to achieve the set goal of "Zero Death & No Serious Injury in Road Crash in India". MIC is promoting 5th UN Global Road Safety Week, its between 6th May to 12th May 2019 and having a high profile event celebration on 12th May 2019 in Bangalore i.e. International Symposium on Road Safety & Conferring of Award ceremony.



The week has been endorsed by the United Nations - World Health Organization (WHO), and the theme for this year week is announced by United Nations as "Leadership in Road Safety".

The weeklong event will have the highlights;

Road Safety Pledge Signing by Road Users

Road Users Training & Assessment Campaign

Road Users Feedback Campaign

Pledge Signing by competent authority to address issues of road users

Road Safety Leaders Enrolment

Road Safety Leaders Excellence Award

The enrolment of Road Safety Leaders with United Nation is going on. Get enrolled..!!

Road Users Feedback (Risk & Demand):
Road users can assess their daily journey / travelling and prepare the details of all those traffic related risks they faced every day, and thereafter can generate their demand to overcome all those traffic related risks. We are also procuring road user's feedback (risk & demand) that include how many road users are supporting for specific demand. Road users can provide us their individual demand and or general demand with the details such as daily distance travelling, road traffic issues on their regular route, risk they face on roads and their demand and also how many road users are supporting for that demand for general demand. We are collecting feedback from road users and forwarding to competent authority for the necessary action, and making them to sign a pledge to address the issues of road users. Click here  register your risk and demands online.

General Risks of Road Users:
It is unsafe to walk
It is unsafe to cycle
It is unsafe to ride 2 wheeler
It is unsafe to drive LMV
It is unsafe to drive HMV
I feel unsafe going to school
Drivers are speeding

Riders are showing stunts on my road
Drivers are drunk driving
Drivers or passengers are not using their seatbelt
Motorcyclist are not wearing helmets
Motorcyclists are not fastening the strap of their helmet
Children in cars are not using child seats
I can’t always see or be seen
Many vehicles are not equipped with safety features
In case of crash I would not be rescued
It is unsafe to use public transport
Accident Prone Area in my road
Road dividers are having less visibility
Road Traffic Signage are improper
Road Humps are having less visibility
Missing Road Marking or having less visibility
Road Rage incidents issue

Stray Animals Issue
Traffic jams issue
Pothole issue
Traffic signal issue

Road Users Demand - General:
That you manage speed on my road
That you improve existing infrastructure
That you improve public transportation
That you improve and enforce traffic laws
That you improve traffic flow on my road
That you improve post-crash care
That you improve visibility of road humps

That you improve visibility of road divider
That you provide marking on my road.
That you provide road traffic sign boards
That you repair pothole on my road
That you repair traffic signal on my road
That you arrange the pickup of stray animals on my road
That you provide foot over bridge on my road
That you provide underground subway road crossing

Crash Risk Mapping.
The mapping of accident prone area will be done for the area where accidents are occouring frequently. The road users can get it in the map or they can get the alert text messages to that effect.

Pothole Repair:
We collect pothole details from road users forward it to concerned government department to resolve the issue. We also arrange to repair pothole with the support of public.

Road Users Safety Kit - Reflective band and vehicle Stickers
We are also distributing Reflective band for road users (pedestrian, cyclists & motorcyclista) and vehicle reflective Stickers to increase the night visibility. We also stick the reflective stickers on road medians so as to increase night visibility.

Good Samaritans - Recognition:
We are collecting details of the people who have come forward voluntarily to help the road accident victims and such people are called as good Samaritans and we would like to provide them reward and recognition.

Safe Road Users (SRU) Club:
Not all the road users are more attentive and cautious towards road safety and majority of them are Risky Road User, for being so they are causing serious road crashes and are more dangerous fellow road users and their lives. Majority of road crashes are occurring due to human  mistakes which can be corrected. We are correcting the mistakes of road users with our nationwide road users assessment campaign which is going. The road users who are successfully completing the training and assessment session will get host of exclusive privileges such as Gift Vouchers of Human Body Health Check, Metal Body Check, Vehicle Insurance, Car Accessories, Safe Road User Sticker, Certificate and also Safe Road User award*. We are also providing post crash training to road users to improve emergency response services to the road accident victims till the emergency response team arrives at the accident spot. In the training we provide tips to road users how to give the pre first-aid treatment post crash to victims.

Road Safety Leaders (RSL) Club
Join Road Safety Leaders Club to help us extend our reach to all those road users who are paying less attention and not much cautious towards road safety. The Road Safety Leaders (RSL) Club is an association of leaders from various & respective fields and industries and promoted by MOTHER INDIA CARE. The leaders are united for road safety, and are supporting MIC Project on road safety for the sustainable solution to improve road safety. The Road Safety Leaders are actively involved and participating in Strategic planning, funding & implementing the plan of action to achieve the set target  in support to the Global plan of United Nation Decade of Action for road safety. The RSL Club is promoted by MOTHER INDIA CARE. Road Safety Leaders enrolment is going on and we will be forwarding the details of the contributions of road safety leaders to United Nation - WHO which can be displayed on the exclusive website of WHO (after the necessary assessment). We are approaching stakeholders, transport department, government agencies, automobile industry leaders, fleet owners, organizations and individuals to come forward and join us to prevent accidents and save lives of daily road accident victims.

The UN Global Road Safety Week seeks to increase better understanding of the dangers of speed and generate action on measures to address speed, thereby saving lives on the roads.

For Online road safety pledge signing, please click here and .......sign the road safety pledge

For Road Safety Assessment, please click  here and ..........check your score online

For road safety achievement excellence award, please click here and ......submit your nomination

Speed thrills but Kills. Click here join our life saving training program

Event is for a noble cause and we are expecting contributions from government, corporate and individuals to make this event a grand. The contributors and sponsors can express their expectations from this event by clicking on the link..... and join us in this event.

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