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Please do not pay any money to any unauthorized person or our authorized person for getting a job at Mother India Care, we can not be held responsible for such dealing.

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Road Safety Advise

Road Safety Advise

Advise for parents.

Do not leave your children alone in car and use child helmet when on two veehele

Do not allow children to watch racing games on TV or mobile phone.

Demonstrate road safety behaviours to your kids and set the examples to them

Educate children to carry helmets before leaving the house because of the fear of accidental suicide.

Young children are quick and small making them especially vulnerable around roads and vehicles.


Take every opportunity to teach children about road and vehicle safety:


When walking down the road, hold your child’s hand, explaining on the way the choices you make to get there safely. – E.g. why you walk on the footpath, where to cross the road and what you need to do before safely crossing the road.


Emphasize the importance of ‘buckling up’ when getting into the car and be firm that everyone in the car must always wear a seatbelt or the appropriate restraint for their size and age.


Be a good role model, children like to imitate and copy adults. Demonstrate road safety behaviours when driving, as a passenger or a pedestrian so that children can learn good habits from you.


Advise for Drivers

Do not hit the road when you are under stress state.

Take a short break when feeling tired or sleepy

Avoid mind wandering and distration

Do meditation to increase the mind focus

Aoid speeding because it killls.

Prevent road accident to protect you and the people around you. Because the consequences of road accidents are worst, the precious lives can never be brought back.

After committing the accident the pocess of trail proceedings is very crucial , so better avoid.



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