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Please do not pay any money to any unauthorized person or our authorized person for getting a job at Mother India Care, we can not be held responsible for such dealing.

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 Empower Women World - EWW - Economic Development  

Mother India Care is working at the grass root level to empower women to attain economic participation in order to overcome poverty and inequality. Advancing women equality could add considerable amount of global growth. We have undertaken the project “Empower Women World" The Rise of Women, wherein we have initiated campaigns to provide economic development support to women,  by providing necessary support,  training program and social awareness programs to women.

Women are lagging behind the men in terms of access to education and jobs and also health care, etc.

Apart from the economic and social inequality, women are victim of heinous crimes such as, rape, molestation, female feticide, honour killing immoral trafficking and also dowry deaths. Inspite of several laws for women safety and protection, all such crimes are increasing day by day. People who are our society members and staying around us are committing these crimes. Cases of violence against women are steadily increasing in the country. According to National Crime Record Bureau, India, there is one dowry death in the country very 78 hrs, one act of sexual harassment every 59 minutes, one rape every 34 minutes, one act of torture every 12 minutes and almost one in every three married women experienced domestic violence. Where is the solution ..??

There is need to "Empower Women World - EWW" The Rise of Women through the economic Development. We have initiated our bit to stop these crimes and by forming National Safety Brigade (NSB), a civilian warriors force formed by the members of the civil society. Violence and crime against women is increasing every day. Accused are staying in our society around us, and fellow society members are not responding and coming forward to oppose offenders of violence / crime against women/girls. But after the incident public like to do candle march as a protest demanding justice. When members of the society will come forward to make combined efforts to combat this burning issue, which is badly needed for the women safety and also to empower women to save the planet. There is a need for the combined efforts to combat this social problem. And we invite all to come forward and join us, contribute/participate to empower women to save the planet.

With the rise in poverty, many women are forced to work in very low end paid jobs, we want to provide training to all women.

Women while child bearing often deficient in nutrition due to poverty. As a result the number of maternal deaths in India is one of the highest in the world and 87% of all pregnant women in India are anemic.

Unless drastic measures are taken to improve female literacy, create skills and capability among women for enabling them to stand on their own feet and care for themselves and family, it will be difficult for India to prosper as a nation.

General Issues: Issues (Gender Equality, molestation, Rape, Female feticide, honour killng, immoral trafficking, dowry).

Stakeholders (Family Members, Society Members, Institutions, Job Colleagues, Employers, Media & Law)

Reasons ( Silence on Violence, Lack of Fear of Law, Delay in legal process)

Solutions  (Education, Skill Training, Martial Arts Training, NSB)

Advice For Women (Mobile app for location tracking, SOS button, pepper spray, share conveyance details)

Advice for Family Members

Advice for Society Members

Advice for Education Institution

Advice for Employers

Advice for Colleagues


Women's Day

Mother's Day

Women In Innovation & Awards of Excellence

Most Powerful Women Summit

We are providing support to girl child and also higher education. We are proving financial support as a cash aid to poor women through Bank ATM cards. We also provide financial support to women who are maintaining family and are in need of financial support. We identify poor women and verify the status and providing support to poor and needy women. We are also providing training to women to earn livelihood. We also provide support to women who are a victim of crimes against women, such as dowry harassment, molestation and also providing legal support.

We invite individual and public participation in our NSBs (Civilian Warriors Force) and also a support for this effort by contributing to the following cases to help in the empowerment of marginalized women by voicing the women to raise their concerns:

Support to Poor Women 

Support to provide skill training to Women 

Support to Homeless Women

Support to girl education

Support to Women Maintained family

Support to Women Entrepreneur

Support to stop Crime against Women

Get involve in our initiative - Empower Women World-The rise of Women.


Click her adopt women safety oath.


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