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Akaal Akhand Jyoti

GIBMA Kriya - Making No. 1

Vatan Ka Heera - Dare

Plant A 10K Magic Tree
Of Blessings & Money
The Best seed to
Thrive in 2022

Join National Movement to #EndRoadCarnage

Safety & Victory Mantra
Join 2.5 Lakh Oath Takers
Road Safety Prayer-1st Batch

Amal India Movement

Going Green

We Support United Nations
Paris Agreement

5D Grande

Kaun Banega Supergenius

Runners Club India

Rally 2 Rule

All India & Wold rally 


Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam.....

Disaster Relief Center

 Safe Drive for Safer Life - Potential Hazards & Our Initiatives  

Potential Hazards

Human Induced Hazards

Natural Hazards

Chemical & Gas Leakage Hazards

Nuclear Hazards

Radiology Hazards

Road Traffic Hazards

Environment Hazards

Epidemic Hazards

Potholes and Road Hazards


Occupational Hazards

EMF Radiation Hazards

Poverty & Hunger

Terror Hazards

Compliance Violation

Human Rights Violation

Crime Against Women

Lack of Knowledge to handle hazards

Public Ignorance & Rejection to help the needy

Armed Forces Casualties


Our Initiatives as Remedial Measures

Accident Relief Centers

Oxygen Bar & Air Shower

Emergency Services on Call

Ambulance Drone

Collection of Potholes Data

Road Reflector Stickers

National Safety Brigade

Epidemic Control Center

Evacuation Centers

HIV & AIDS Relief Center

Waste to Energy Plant

Women Empowerment

Stop Crime Against Women

Child Education

Tree Plantations

Smart Payout Cards

Human Rights Relief

Public Awareness & Training

Public Wakeup Call

Reward & Recognition

ARC India Bike & Car Rally

Armed Forces Relief Fund

Safe Drive for Safer Life

Join us and make India Proud

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     Collaborations with Industry leaders for a National Project to manage National Disaster