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 Conscious India Club - CIC 

A Nation is a body of citizens who have done great things together. All for one and one for All. United we stand and divided we Fall. United For the Nation Evermore. Citizens should know their rights and responsibilities. Be willing to do for your nation what you can do and become first class citizen of India.  The most burning question of this new Era is - what have you done for your nation?

Citizen India Club -  CIC is fostering a culture of conscious citizens across the nation. CIC is making the public aware and educating the public about government policies that are for the benefit of the public. CIC also seeks public opinion and conducts public surveys across the country to identify public issues and based on that prepares a draft policy and approaches the government to adopt the proposed policy in public interest.

If any amendment is required in the current public policy developed by the government, then after knowing the public opinion and analysis of experts, it will be sent to the government for necessary amendments in the interest of the public. Thus CIC is creating a bridge between the government and the citizens for smooth operation of public policies so that the citizens can get the maximum benefits. Most of the time the government is not communicating with the citizens and makes public policies which the citizens reject. The recent strike of drivers against the hit and run case is a proof of the same.

We cast our vote and elect the government to take the lead to initiate necessary developmental work in the public interest. The government performs various public works and uses public money which it collects in the form of indirect and direct taxes. It is our duty as citizens to participate and contribute to the work that is for the common good, and not to sit silent saying that it is the responsibility of the government. We being a citizen of India must extend our contribution by way of Talen-Time-Treasure TTT.

It doesn't take strength to fall down, but it takes strength to rise up.Walking in a straight line at surface level is humanity, walking below surface level is animality and walking above surface level is divinity. To do something for others is humanity, to do something for your soul is divinity. It is very important to be concerned about society, citizens and oneself.

CIC is focusing on road safety, environment safety, societal safety, and women safety  amongst other objectives powered with scientific research, survey and public opinion . The individual have to accept the National Dare of Mother India Care for self correction and setting self limitations and self acountable, and register their dare to become provisional member of CIC. At CIC we foster a community of self-accountability to achieve the 360 degree reversal in road accident deaths in India by 2030 and also to make India number 1 in the world..

Civic engagement is very important, it is the lifeblood of community. We all live here together and we need to take care of each other. A thoughtful and committed small group of citizens can change the world. Creating conscious communities across India that are meaningful to all.

People know what is right and wrong but they don’t implement these principles in their life. Those who started implementing the right things by accepting the National Dare of Mother India care and flipping the script to flip the result  in their daily routine life are the honorary members of CIC.

The CIC honorary members strength is increasing day by day as more people are flipping the script to flip the result as they have accepted the National Dare of Mother India Care. The CIC members are committed to flip the power to peace and the poverty to prosperity.

CIC: Members are forming area wise, district wise and state wise  CIC  locally and to discuss the issues and possible solutions. The CIC  members shall give a call for the meetings at regular intervals. Roster of area club members and the committee members will  be formed and registered with the CIC. The members can take the responsibility as per their capacity.

The first CIC is going to be constructed in Bangalore near Bangalore International Airport where members can share business and social connections and will be able to involve in host of activities. The life membership for the CIC under prelaunch offer is Rs. 2 Lakh and the gift vouchers will be issued at par to members during this offer and the gift vouchers can be redeemed against the services of room rental for a period of 3 years from the date of issuance.

The life membership after the closing date of pre-launch offer it will be Rs. 5 Lakh. The CIC  will be constructed in a sprawling area of 22 acres. The pre-launch offer membership will be open shortly. The CIC will have all state - of - the - art facility wherein non-veg and alcohol will not be served so as to maintain health consciousness. The CIC will have Scientific Research Center, with standard, deluxe and suite rooms and also island cottages (surrounded with water), restaurant, multigym,  meditation & wellness center, and also recreation center.

Right now it is in design stage and the panel of architects from India, Singapore and Germany are working on the best design and landscaped. The CIC is all set for its schedule inauguration by 26 Nov 2024 the 10th Foundation day grand celebration of Mother India Care the promoter of this CIC.  A nation should not be judged on how it treats its superior citizens, but on how it treats its inferior citizens. Unite for togetherness so that no citizen of India should feel alone and helpless. At CIC India rewrites fortune and legacy for a green roads, green living and green economy. At CIC Citizens can raise their words to address, not their voice.

CIC recognizes all those exceptional citizens for their outstanding services to nation with the best citizen and super-citizen excellence award thru a special event. If you have done something for your nation you are a first class citizen and if you have done nothing for your nation then you are a second class citizen.

 Join Citizen India Club - CIC - Citizens who accept the National Dare of Mother India Care are becoming the Honorary Member of CIC 
Please fill in the below online form to join Citizen India Club to participate in the development, progress and growth of the Nation to become first class citizen.
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