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Please do not pay any money to any unauthorized person or our authorized person for getting a job at Mother India Care, we can not be held responsible for such dealing.

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 About Us 

Mother India Care is a national level public charitable registered, irrevocable and non-profit making trust having its registered office in Bangalore and constituted and formed with its main objectives of health, education and poverty relief amongst various others social and welfare objectives.


Mother India Care is registered on 26th Nov 2014, it is on the death anniversary of the father of the Founder President of this organization. Because his father was a victim of road mishap and he was lying unattended for 4 hours at roadside, and no one came forward to help him, and consequently he died at roadside itself. He served for the nation for 28years plus service, and participated in the 1965 war against Pakistan. After his retirement from the Indian army, he started doing social work by supporting poor people with financial aid, started feeding the needy. He was a native of Punjab. His sudden demise at roadside was a terrible blow for the family. What has happened with an ex army person and a social activist, should not be happened with others, and hence this registered public charitable trust which is focusing on road safety.


The MIC is focusing with its well planned and comprehensive charity projects and social activities in India. In addition to supporting the objectives of the United Nations. The MIC is working to help corporate develop actionable strategies for helping to address environmental, road safety, economic & societal issues. Mother India Care is supporting and working to implement the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) created by the United Nations. On the guidelines of United Nations, the MIC has started its signature initiatives "Thrive" & "Emergency" which are intertwined to achieve 360 degree reversal in road accident deaths in India by 2030. The objective of the  "Thrive" initiative is integrated to achieve the common smart goal under "Emergency" initiative. will help to achieve the  , and this will have the positive impact for a sustainable economy. The people who are peforming well on the initiative "Thrive" are eligible to get the recognition from United Nations on the basis of the recommendation of MIC. The initiative "Emergency" is transforming public awareness into preparedness promoting self-improvement & preventing traffic violations through GIBMA resetting.



Mother India Care - MIC was constituted and formed with its main objectives of health, education and poverty relief amongst various others social and welfare objectives. Mother India Care is also endeavoring  to provide help and support for child education, poverty relief, women empowerment, hunger relief, emergency cash aid , medical assistance to chronic disease patients and accident victims, setting up of multi-specialty hospital, Adopt-A-Village India integrated national project,  Shelters for homeless, Old Age homes, Reward & recognition, road/air emergency rescue and assistance services, tree planting, environment & road safety, and also road accident relief amongst others social welfare services.

Mother India care comprehensive and National Projects are conceived to supplement the efforts of the state and central government. India has a second largest population in the world. The poverty is high in India and is a growing pain. The Indian government stated that 22% of Indian population is below poverty line. Means around 27 crore people are deprived of basic necessities of life. The government is working to diminish poverty in India. More efforts needed to diminish the poverty. India is facing hunger problem and having Global Hunger Index - GHI ranking at 100 among 119 developing countries, and 15% of Indian population remains undernourished. Many people are dying in India because of starvation. The failure of the respective governments to implement the right to food has often intensified survival crises of a huge percentage of the population, particularly in drought-affected areas.

The growth in population, economy, motorization and road traffic is also let to the increase of daily road crash deaths in India. The data collected by various reliable agencies revealed that maximum accidents/disasters are caused by human error and are therefore preventable with the better planning, training, administration and management. We want to provide services and integral solutions in quality, occupational health, industry safety and prevention of occupational risk.


We are setting up of Accident relief centers ARCs around 2100 Nos. on major highways across India to provide timely emergency services to the victims of the road traffic hazards and these ARCs sites will be generating solar energy. MIC is endeavoring to set up solar power generation system in the outer space which will redirect the energy in a form of microbeam to the earth and this mega project can generate 15 times more energy and going to be a next generation breakthrough. We are also promoting a civil force of trained private commandos i.e. National Safety Brigade (NSB), in all the states, to provide emergency rescue and relief services, and also environment and safety law violation checks so as to prepare a report and forward it to the competent authority. We are committed to provide next generation reformative breakthroughs for a safer and resilient India


We are also giving training to the members of the general public to help the road accident victims. We also promote excellence and providing reward and recognition to those who come forward for the rescue and relief services to the disaster victims. We have also planned to introduce ambulance drone in India to save lives faster than the ambulance van.


Mother India care is endeavoring to promote the nuclear emergency rescue response services (mitigate & control) and also flood rescue response services (life boats & food).


We are having a network of more than 200 plus NGOs, and we are in the process of setting up of State wise Executive Committee in all the states. We are increasing the number of our donors / sponsors day by day and also the network of volunteers. We have also scheduled annual fundraising events to fund our projects.


We promote National Road Safety Week, World Day of Remembrance and also United Nations Road Safety Week. 


Indian Army unit has also extended its physical support to our endeavors. We also institute award of excellence to encourage and recognize all those exceptional individuals who have contributed to the society and nation with their distinguished services and most outstanding work and achievements.


We operate 80% donations to cause policy and 20% to cover our overheads. We also operate 100% donations to cause policy when our overheads are being covered by our donors. All of your donations are spent solely on what you donated for - to help the poor needy people, or the cause of your choice. Sometimes our overheads are covered by funds specifically donated to cover overheads; by volunteers, individual donors, gift aid payments and sponsorships from businesses. Donations collected via drop box, at events or for a cause are donated directly to the cause itself.


Most of the time, our volunteers also contribute and donate money in addition to the their time to various causes and thus our joint donations for causes are some times effectively more than 100%. 


We are accountable to our communities, donors, and investors. We work with integrity and transparency and efficiency. We communicate clearly and responsibly. We believe that project monitoring periodically, is an important and useful tool which is a process of keeping track of all project related metrics including team performance and task duration, identified potential problems and taking corrective actions necessary to ensure that the project is within scope, on budget and meets the specified deadlines. Please click here to view the specific format for the project monitoring. We also provide a password protected webpage in our website for our donors to provide updated financial information of the funds utilization. Please click here to view the audited balance sheet. We support, respect and value each other and work without prejudice. We are professionals and proud of our diversity, and united by a common and noble cause. We are an independent charitable trust rooted in the communities we serve. We use our insight to innovate and inspire change in policies, services and minds. We are introducing new services to meet changing needs.

Our Philosophy:

Our philosophy is serving humanity and spreading hope. Without hope, humanity is lost. Caring and kindness give us hope in humanity and hope for humanity. Our goal is to help those who need it, showing kindness to the world's most needy in order to spread hope for our better future.

We are continuing to increase out network with NGOs through out India. We are collaborating with local community-based NGOs for stability and infrastructure capable of ensuring a long term response service to humanity.

We have a noble goal of green economy by the year 2030 which we can achieve with the participation of all individual.







 Governing Board 
 Advisory Board - National & State 
 Managing Board - State - National & International 

Ms.  Paramjeet Kaur - Vice President

Ms. Ritu Ray -  Director

Dr. Sarpreet Singh Gill - Director
& Chairman Ethics Committee

Dr. Jyotsna Singh
Director - Projects

         Dr. Atamjeet Kaur
 Director - Media & Publication

Dr. Karishma Mani
Director - PR & Planning

Miss Kiara Mittal
National Ambassador

S. Gurdeep Singh
(COO - Punjab)


Ms. Priyanka - COO

          Ms. Radhika Singh - Paris
   Vice President (International Affairs)

 Chandresh Kumar

 CS Megha Sharma - Director Campaigns

          Ms. Ruksar - Ontario)

Aniruddha Kumar Pandey
(Chief Functionary)


 Jouranlist Committee 

 under construction.....please visit again



We upgrade the standards of humanity. Charity is injurious unless it helps the recipient to become independent of it.

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