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Please do not pay any money to any unauthorized person or our authorized person for getting a job at Mother India Care, we can not be held responsible for such dealing.

Fortune & Legacy Care

Vatan Ka Heera - Dare

Plant A 10K Magic Tree
Of Blessings & Money
The Best seed to
Thrive in 2022

Join National Movement to #EndRoadCarnage

Introspect & become
A Genius Road User &
Join Introspectors Group

Amal India Movement

Going Green

We Support United Nations
Paris Agreement

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Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam.....

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Action & Prevention


 Cosmic Bank - CB Account 

Any act of committing crimes, violating the law, lying, dishonesty, conspiracy, fraud, cruelty and also causing harm to someone's life, property and character is deposited in the cosmic bank CB Account. You extend help to someone, you increase your CB Account. Just sit down and take a paper and pen and write down all your bad deeds you have committed in the past, this act is taking first step to maintain positive CB Balance .

If there is benefit to worldly life in these acts then people will do these acts. 99.9% of the people in the world are living a life after murdering their spiritual life because they hold negative balance in their Cosmic Bank CB Account. They didn't get the real happiness in their whole life and then they do meditation & worship and trying to give a life to a dead. After their death and on the basis of their Karma they get next birth to settle accounts of previous birth in the same cosmos and same planet. People face sorrow and happiness because they have sown the seeds of sorrow or happiness. You reap more than what you have sown, that is the law of sowing and reaping.


Once while walking, Buddha got injured and fell on the ground after hitting a stone lying on the way, then Buddha bowed his head and humbly said thank you, you met me in this birth and our old score is now settled. 


Seeds can be sown with the ears and tongue using words, thoughts, & acts, words means spoken and heard. Seeds can be sown through the eyes also so be very careful while speaking, listening & seeing. See only good, speak only good, listen only good, think only good, do only good & be only good.


People know what poison is, it kills, yet some people eat poison because they think that poison can bring peace, poison can eliminate all problems. They think that after  committing suicide they will get profit, peace and pleasure. But they do not know that after consuming poison and committing suicide, our soul will have to face more troubles and more unrest. Knowledgeable people only commit mistakes and the punishment is high more them compare to illiterate person because knowledgeable person finds out the loopholes also. If an advocate commits the violation of law then the punishment is high for him.

People know that violation of traffic rules is a crime but they only see profit and pleasure in such acts and commit more violations. While committing the offence of road traffic rules' violations they are doing 7 wrong things, firstly is they are causing big deduction to their cosmic bank CB account balance and they are causing serious harm to their soul because their soul will be wandering around the accidental suicide spot, Thirdly they are pushing their family to poverty and fourthly they are causing  economic and GDP loss to nation. Fifth, you are causing increasing in road accident deaths in India and in next 35 years half of the population of India will become disabled. Sixth, you are contributing to lower the world road safety ranking of India. Seventh, by doing so you are becoming a traitor to your nation, to your family, to your soul and to your own precious body and birth. If any act is associated with one benefit and 7 losses, then you are becoming a biggest looser and going closer to be called as traitor with every act of road traffic rules' violation. You can escape from the court of law or you can bribe or influence the traffic police, but you cannot escape from the court of Almighty. You have to settle your negative CB Account at all cost.

People of western countries developed their worldly life, when they did not get real happiness, now they started developing spiritual life and doing meditation etc to increase CB Account Balance. We Indians want to develop our worldly life and even after developing so much when we too will not not get peace. Then we too will follow the Western people in the development of spiritual life. Whole world have started reducing the road accident deaths in their respective countries but we Indians have increased road accident deaths by 10%. Is it not hurting the greatness of our nation? Shame for us.


This is the time to strengthen your 7th sense, also known as your inner intelligence and then set your boundaries and follow your 7th sense instead of following people across the 7 oceans. To get more light and remove darkness from your life you have to add oil to the lamp of your 7th sense which is integrated to road safety because every road user in India has very little oil left in the lamp of 7th sense , it's already been burnt, or the brain fog has covered the light of 7th sense. Refuel or cleanse either way you have to work on the 7th sense and upgrade it to next level. 


Darkness has no match with the light but light must be active because in the absence of light darkness is automatic.

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