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 Decade Action Plan 2021-2030 

Decade Of Action Plan 2021-2030 on National Road Safety

The world will follow Mother India Care's wisdom on road safety.


Every one minute 1 road crash in India, and every 4 minutes 1 road accident death is occurring in India. Rapid growth in population, urbanization is causing increase in motorization, increase in traffic congestion and road crash incidents. 78% of road accidents are occurring due to driver’s fault and also called as on-road mistakes suicide.  When these accidents are caused by human mistakes, then mistakes can be rectified and the road accidents can also be prevented. Government alone can not tackle this disastrous issue. All road users and key stakeholders should make a combined and powerful effort to bring a biggest and preemptive change in this human induced disaster. If we want to bring a biggest change, all it depends how many people are supporting and pushing for it.

United Nation has declared the years 2021-2030 as the decade of action for road safety. Please click here to see the draft resolution of United Nations. 

Government of India and even United Nations has also called upon the business, industry and corporate sector to contribute to the attainment of the road safety-related Sustainable Development Goals. Many stakeholders are doing their bit, with a briefer way, lesser reach and shorter period, which last for shorter memory in the mind of road users, as road users tend to forget and have become habitual offenders. Here we need the drastic changes, we need to extend our reach to PAN India. We need the consistency and integration in road safety awareness activities and  campaigns. The result of organized and integrated efforts of team work always give a lasting and greater impact.  When all road users started practicing road safety and also started realizing the importance of road safety, the ultimate vision zero goal can be achieved. Our combined effort can defeat the pandemic, that the lesson we have learnt from the present pandemic. We all have to take the vaccine dose to prevent the infection of the viruis. Same way we all have to take the road safety oath to prevent the infection of bad road sense BRS virus which is waiting on roads to infect us.

No one should die in a road accident but it is the result of a process that no one wants to follow. To get the OUTPUT, we have to give first INPUT and then INPUT needs to be processed to get our desired result, i.e. OUTPUT. Road Safety Oath is the INPUT and to honour the commitment so made under the oath is the PROCESS and zero death and no serious road crash injury is the RESULT.   That's why Mother India Care has taken the initiative to administer road safety oath to all road users.

All road users should make a commitment and honour, all key stakeholders should take the leadership and responsibility as per their capacity (city/district/state/national) level and make a combined and powerful effort to bring a total reformatory change .

We have done the survey and research work and covered all the possible causes of road accidents wherein constant improvement is required in road safety standards.   Mother India Care, being a No. 1 road safety promoter, have prepared a decade of action plan  2021-2030, a comprehensive project on national road safety with a noble & ultimate goal of zero death and no serious road crash injury in India by 2030.


Decade of Action Plan – DOAP and the DOAP Toolkit –  Consisting 21 tools to battle and end road carnage


  1. Road Safety Oath: First and foremost tool to improve self confidence and to achieve the Common SMART Goal – CSG to end road carnage. The main input linked to end road carnage, if there is no input, there is no output. Adopt road safety oath and make others to adopt. 26 Nov is marked as world road safety oath day.
  2. Road Safety Club: Road users will form area wise Road Safety Club locally and discuss the issues and possible solutions. The Road Safety Club members shall give a call for the meetings at regular intervals. Roster of area club members and the committee members should be registered with the Mother India Care. Club members can take the responsibility as per their capacity.
  3. Road Safety Recharge: Mind Recharging with meditation and also with mind care exercise every day and every journey. tickers to display on vehicles, home, workplace and also on stationery items and carry bags. reflective band, reflective stickers for vehicles, reflective bags,  key-chain and also Mind and Body Care – MBC Kit. Road safety Law, Raising public awareness and advocating for say no to honk.
  4. Road Users Audit: Focus on road sense and safety, online and offline assessment of children and adults as road users, the ranking profile of road users will be maintained in our database and can be accessed on request. Road safety course for children and road safety refresher training programs for adults, and also for international traveler training program will be provided.
  5. Road Journey Audit: Road users should assess their daily road journey, identify road traffic related risk, generate demand to fix, and can register it with us.
  6. Road Safety Audit: Road Conditions Rating – RCR, Vehicle Safety Rating – VSR , Traffic Management Rating – TMR, Crash Response Rating – CRR, Key Stakeholders Rating – KSR will be provided to all concern, and also crash risk mapping (to provide risk alert messages to road users) will be done. Recreation of Road accidents to investigate the cause of road accident.
  7. Adopt – A – Km: Adopt and Maintain Road Stretch in a city limit or highways (National and or state highways) to Repair and also to beautify landscape spot on the road medians or road junctions. Building contributors Network for Road repair and maintenance area wise and nation wide,
  8. Road Safety R & D: Research and development on road safety, road users behaviour, road infrastructure, traffic management and emergency response
  9. Road Safety News: Road Safety News, Panel discussions,  e-interview live session on road safety. 
  10. URSWG:  United Road Safety Warriors Group – The Change Makers – National Family of Mother India Care – Multi level Advisors team network to encourage fellow road users to adopt road safety oath, and navigating to achieve. Network of Road Safety Advisory Committee, Ambassadors and Advisors.
  11. Emergency Rescue Club:  Networking with roadside breakdown assistance services,  emergency medical services, ambulance services & tow services.
  12. Accident Relief Center: Setting up of chain of Accident Relief Centers – ARCs on major highways across India, with the emergency facilities and advance technology such as Medical Assistive Robot, Drone Ambulance etc.
  13. Wall of Remembrance: Memorial to road traffic victim will be erected and a wall of remembrance will be set up with a remembrance club, the club that no one wants you join in life time.
  14. Rally for Road Safety: Navigational Tour to be organized every 2 years for 28 days covering 12000 kms across India. (2023-2025-2027-2029-2031) 
  15. Road Safety Publications:  Biyearly book and an annual Magazine on road safety
  16. Road Safety Production: Documentaries and feature movie on road safety informative movie powered with action, comedy, music, songs.
  17. Road Safety  Recognition: Special online and offline events and contest will be conducted  to recognize the performance and achievements and also the digital exhibition. on road safety.
  18. Road Safety National Action Map: Register your profile, log your actions and be counted and reflected on National Action Map, a road safety actions flowchart. Records of actions taken by key stakeholders on road safety will be maintained.
  19. Road Safety Reach: Liaison with government, foreign embassies, & International communities, legal affairs, Collaborations with corporate and business world, Land Selection for joint development of ARC  &,  Monitoring of 21 Tools
  20. Road Safety Care: Mobile app with real time monitoring of driving and riding behavior such as Time, Speed & Focus with various other features on road safety. Franchisee network.
  21. Road Safety Prayer:  A base tool, Meditation at spiritual places and special prayer  at religious places  such as temples, churches, mosques and Gurudwaras across India to seek divine intervention for zeroing the road accident deaths.


Decade of Action Plan 2021-2030 - A to Z on National Road Safety Activities

Common SMART Goal (CSG) - Zero death & no serious road crash injury in India by 2030.

DOAP Toolkit consisting of 21 Tools.

Driving Engine to change the status quo of increasing road accident deaths

Decade of Action Plan 2021-2030 Activities at a glance


A. Expand network of United Road Safety Warriors Group – URSWG, Advisory Core Committee Members, Leaders, Ambassadors, Advisors & Franchisees in all states of India to battle with road carnage.  and inviting all key stakeholders and road users to join and take action as per the capacity.


B. Support road safety initiatives of Government and also United Nations. The government of India is observing National Road Safety Week (this year month), the United Nation is observing Global Road Safety Week, and Mother India Care is observing Road Safety Year.


C. Organize United Road Safety Conventions URSC in different part of the Nation to engage and recognize leaders, ambassadors, and advisors performance. Promote Road Safety Year with a specific T3  (Theme-Task-Target ) in addition to the theme of government of India and United Nations .


D. Administer Road Safety Oath to all Road Users. Everyone wants the end result, but no one wants to follow the process. In order to achieve the common SMART goal – CSG, everyone has to contribute according to the capacity, everyone has to give input to achieve the output. Road accident deaths are increasing due to the lack of commitment of road users and hence the road safety oath.


E. Promote Road Users Audit (Children & adults) and maintain individual profile and record of all road users. Road safety course for children (Tweens age – 8 to 12 & Teens age – 9 to 19 years of age group) and also road safety training for all road users (adults) .


F. Promote road journey audit, identify road traffic related risk and raise demand to fix. Approach competent authority to address the issues of road users, and also to initiate legal action for non-redressal incidents.


G. Franchisees appointment for Road Safety Wisdom Centers across India.


H. Involve every corporate and business entity to take actions :

i. Adopt road safety oath,

ii. Add employees road sense performance (RSP) score in the resume.

iii. Monitor start end reporting time

iv.  Sponsor road safety oath or exclusive offers.


I. Approach all key stakeholders to get the updated performance information. Convening of weekly, monthly & annual event URSC every year for performance review and to set the target for next year. The review report comprising of Performance & Impact information will be updated on the website as National Action Map every year.


J. Networking with the emergency medical service providers and also with the emergency breakdown assistance service providers.


K. Rally For Road Safety - Car & Bike, 12000 Kms and 28 days. (2023-2025-2027-2029-2031).


L. Interviewing of road users and key stakeholders from 1st Jan onward to get the updated information about their actions on road safety.


M. Reward and recognition - National CSG Action Excellence Awards


N. Setting up of 2100 nos. Accident Relief Centers on major highways across India and build and operate with state of the art technology


O. Publishing of magazine (Annual) and book (Biannual) on road safety review report. History will be created for the actions and impact.


P. Approaching government of India and other countries for the collaboration.


Q. Approach religious places to conduct special prayers.

R. R & D on road safety


S. Road Safety Audit


T. Short documentaries and a movie on road safety


U. Road Safety Bouncer - Constant reminder stickers to Pause - Check - Act


V. Road Safety Recharge - Promoting mind care excercise befor every journey


W. Road Safety News, Road to Wisdom, Road to Safety, Road Safety Management, Safer Vehicles, Safer Roads & Mobility, Safer Road Users, Post Crash Response.


X.  ARC Members Sale and Gift vouchers


Y. ERC Membership sale


Z Global Road Safety Care. International Organization on Road Safety


A-Z of Road Safety


Buckle up


Drive Safe

Emergency Vehicle

Focus on Road


High beam




Lane Driving

Mobile Phone

Night Driving




Road Rage





Warning Signs

Xtra Care

Yellow Light

Zebra Crossing


On 26th Nov 2021 Mother India Care has started National Movement to End Road Carnage

 Our ongoing efforts of conferring of awards ceremony though special event will be continued.  History will ask who has contributed what and who has done what on road safety. A book on road safety will be published with review report of every 2 years. The Mother India Care, a registered public charitable trust, a leader in road safety, promoter of United Road Safety Warriors Group,  and creator of decade of action plan 2021-2030. Together we can achieve this vision zero goal.



MIC Organizational Chart

Road Safety Ambassadors

Road Safety Advisors


Time to identify our problems and give our power and energy to solutions and be a Solution Makers to problems

Please click here for press note issued for 11.11.2020 virtual press conference and also for 15.11.2020 main event

The adoption ceremony of Decade of Action Plan 2021-2030, a comprehensive protocol and toolkit on national road safety was conducted on 26th November 2020 on the eve of Indian Constitution Adoption Day through the hands of Justice B.S. Patil - Hon'ble Upalokayukta (Karnataka-Bangalore) which can be seen in the below picture with the Founder of Mother India Care.







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